Welcome to Current Students!

The vision for Current Students is to see students and their parents moved by Jesus.

We seek to help students answer questions at the age-appropriate time. We believe saturating our ministry with biblical truth and healthy relational connections will result in more devoted followers of Christ who may graduate from high school but who will never graduate from Jesus.

None of this happens, however, without partnership from parents.

Partnering with Parents

We are convinced we exist to minister with, not around, parents. We invite you to join us in pointing your son or daughter toward Jesus.

The main way you can do this is by helping us integrate your students into the life of the whole congregation. This may mean re-arranging your Sunday morning schedule, staying multiple hours, etc. Make it a priority to worship together as a family, and see to it that your son or daughter is connected in a Small Group.

Join Us

We have two opportunities for our Students to get together.
Sundays 11am | The Source
Wednesdays 630pm |Main Auditorium