Welcome to Current Students!

The vision for Current Students is to see students and their parents moved by Jesus.

We seek to help students answer questions at the age-appropriate time. We believe saturating our ministry with biblical truth and healthy relational connections will result in more devoted followers of Christ who may graduate from high school but who will never graduate from Jesus.

None of this happens, however, without partnership from parents.

Youth Ministry Updates

Hangouts Every Month

The first new and exciting change we are making to Current Student Ministry: Every month, we are going to have a super fun hangout that you will all be invited to. Sometimes it will be lowkey, maybe we all come watch a movie together, but sometimes it will be big and have a fun theme. We’re excited to have a lot of fun with you guys during these hangouts. The first one will be January 14th.

Sundays for Junior High

Next up we want to talk about Sundays. We want to give Junior High and High School students each some ministry moments that are specifically designed just for your age group. We are excited to announce that Sundays in The Source will be specifically focused on Junior High with our new Junior High Ministry, called Rooted. Rooted will take place Sundays at 11 am for all 6th-8th grade students. We will be adding a time of worship together, and will offer fun lessons where we will all learn more about our Bible along with our friends and small group leaders.


High Schoolers may be wondering what they will be doing on Sundays. We think that it is important for 9th-12th grade students to be a part of the larger Church Body here at Current. The good news is that we are blessed to have an incredible worship team, which several of you are already a part of, and excellent biblical teaching each week from our lead pastor, Darren. So, church is never boring, and we want to see you guys in the main service with us on Sundays and with your families. We would love for you to create a student section where you all sit and worship together in the main auditorium and invite new visitors in to join you! We also want to see you actively volunteering! We are going to have a ton of volunteer opportunities for students to participate in on Sunday, so be sure to sign up today to serve!

Small Groups

But, don’t worry, high schoolers, we are not getting rid of your small group time! Growing into adulthood at church means not just going to service on Sunday, but being a part of a small group during the week. High school small groups will be similar to what we have offered on Sundays, but they will be hosted on a weekday night in a host home for the first three weeks of every month. This will give you a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you can bring snacks, talk about life, and study the Bible with your friends and trusted mentors! We believe this is the best way for you to grow in your faith and relationships with your friends. You can sign up for a small group today!


And, finally, on the LAST Wednesday of every month, we will be all meeting together, junior high and high school, in The Source for a big get together we call Wilderness. Wilderness will be filled with fun, worship, and trust me — we are going to go BIG! Because it is monthly, it will be a huge celebration as we all come together! Our first one will be held on January 26th, so go ahead and put that on your calendars! We can’t wait to see you there!

Partnering with Parents

We are convinced we exist to minister with, not around, parents. We invite you to join us in pointing your son or daughter toward Jesus.

The main way you can do this is by helping us integrate your students into the life of the whole congregation. This may mean re-arranging your Sunday morning schedule, staying multiple hours, etc. Make it a priority to worship together as a family, and see to it that your son or daughter is connected in a Small Group.

Join Us

We have two opportunities for our Students to get together.
Sundays 11am | The Source
Wednesdays 630pm |Main Auditorium